How to get a better deal on your home and condo? Here’s how

A homeowner in California was shocked to receive an email from an agent for a local real estate firm claiming that he could expect to save up to 80% on his property if he paid more money upfront.

The email was sent to the homeowner on December 8, 2018 and explained that if he had paid a deposit for a $250,000 home sale, the real estate broker would give him a 30% discount on his initial purchase price of $2.5 million, which is around $4,000 more than the asking price of the home.

The homeowner’s agent explained that the discount was for a property that was in a high-risk zone, and the homeowner’s condo had only a $2,000 deposit, so the savings were likely much higher than the 30% he was expecting.

The real estate agent explained the real difference between what the homeowner was actually paying and what they were offering the homeowner, saying that “you are paying the full price of this property for the first two years” and “the condo will pay off the difference in value over time,” according to an email obtained by The Associated Press.

The buyer said he wasn’t thrilled to learn that he would pay less for the same property if the seller offered the property for $1.2 million and the buyer paid the full asking price, but he decided to sign up anyway.

He contacted the agent after hearing about his email, and said that he wasn, too.

He said the realtor had sent him an email to tell him that he had received a “really good offer” and that he should “look into it” as soon as possible.

“He sent me the email saying, ‘This is great news, but you can’t do anything about it, you have to do it,'” he told the AP.

“So, he just sent me an email saying ‘Congratulations.

You’re a real estate professional.

I want you to contact me and tell me more.'”