Florida real estate deals hit record highs

Three Florida real-estate deals hit records highs, according to data released Monday by the Florida Department of Revenue.

The number of properties sold increased by more than a quarter in the past 12 months, according the Department of Financial Services.

The average price of a property increased by $1,000.

The highest price increase came for the 5-bedroom, 6-bathroom property in Tampa Bay.

The value of the home has been hovering around $3 million since March, according Tojo’s Real Estate Report.

Tojo says the increase in sales reflects demand for homes that are undervalued.

In Florida, buyers can choose to buy in a market where there is little competition, or they can choose a market with strong prices and no competition.

In Tampa Bay, the median price of homes sold in January was $3.2 million.

Sales in January rose 4.2% to $1.4 million, to reach $4.25 million.

The sales increase was driven by the sale of four-bedroom homes, the average price rose 4%, and the average selling price was $2.4.

The median selling price in Tampa was $4,700, according TOJO’s Real-estate Report.