How to Buy a Mansion for $1.3M and Rent a Bedroom for $850,000

Memphians are still buying homes, even as the housing market is cooling.

With prices dipping as low as $1,000,000 a pop, they’re buying more of the same.

But while the median home price in the metro area is down 5% from last year, that doesn’t mean they’re being priced out of town.

If you’re ready to buy a mansion or a large house, you might want to consider renting the property out to an estate sales agent.

Estate sales are typically done by auctioneers and often have a low starting price and a short wait period.

It’s the ideal opportunity to get a good deal on a big home, and while bidding wars have been going on for years, they’ve become more popular lately.

We’ve covered several estate sales in the past, so we thought we’d share our top picks for the best places to get your hands on a mansion.

You can also check out our home buying guide for more options.

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