How to Make an Estate Sales atlantas Home for $600K

Auctioneer and estate sales specialist Andrew Prentice has just sold his home for $1.2 million.

He was bidding for the 5,700 square foot home in the neighborhood of the old town of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

His family owned the property for more than a century, and he was hoping to turn it into a home for his two children.

The sale comes on the heels of another high-profile purchase by a family that also owns a home in Atlantic City.

Read MoreIn his auction, Prentice’s listing states that he has a house that “will be fully renovated and equipped with all of the modern amenities.”

The house is described as a “quiet, peaceful, beautiful, and spacious home.”

He will also provide a “specialized home maintenance service.”

Prentice’s family sold the property to a New Jersey man, who plans to make it his home. 

The home has been on the market since May and is listed at $1,079,965.

That’s a little more than $2 million more than Prentice was expecting to pay for the home.

Prentice says that the seller told him that the property is worth a lot more than that, but he wants to keep the value to himself.

Prentice says he will give the buyer a “tangible incentive” for getting the house.

“The home is a historic property and it’s a real estate investment that has never been done before,” he said.

Prentice said he has had an ongoing relationship with the seller for about six months, and that they have been discussing the sale for a few months now. 

When the buyer sold, Prentices wife, Stephanie, and his children were in the middle of getting ready to move to the country. 

“My wife and I were not expecting this, but I’m so glad to be able to sell the house for so much less than I was hoping,” he told NBC New York.

“I feel so blessed to be home with my kids and my family.”

Prentices family has been selling their home in order to buy an old house in Atlantic County for years.

He said that his family has sold every home in that area, but the only other one they have sold was for $900,000.