The UK’s real estate market is going crazy as prices soar to record highs

Real estate prices in the UK are on the rise to record levels.

The average price of a property in the capital rose to £500,000 in July, a new record, according to figures from the property data company

This was ahead of an average price rise of 8.2% over the past 12 months.

There were also sharp increases in some areas of the country, such as London, Birmingham, Birmingham and Liverpool.

But the fastest-growing areas were the south-east, where prices increased by 15.2%, according to data from property website Rentrak.

The UK is also home to one of the world’s highest unemployment rates, at around 16.9%.

The country has also experienced a record number of deaths in the past year, with 4,766 people dying in the first 12 months of the year.

UK unemployment is the highest in the world at 24.7%, according the UN.

The Government has been working on ways to tackle the issue of unemployment, including a new scheme which will see more people able to claim unemployment benefits in the case of unemployment in the job market.

However, the Government has yet to commit to a time-limit to reduce the number of people on Jobseeker’s Allowance, which has led to concerns that it could be too difficult to find work.

It also faces growing concerns about the impact of the financial crisis on the economy.