A lot of people are upset over the decision to cancel the real estate subreddit.

A lot people are angry over the cancellation of the realestate subreddit.

The subreddit, which is popular with redditors for posts about real estate and other topics, has been suspended in the wake of a recent court ruling that allows it to remain open.

It had more than 30,000 subscribers and had become one of the biggest communities for real estate in the country.

But it’s now shut down.

The decision to end the subreddit comes as the Trump administration, in its final months in office, is moving aggressively to restrict access to information and make it harder for people to report on what the government is doing.

It has also ramped up efforts to shut down social media platforms that are used by the government to suppress dissent.

The Trump administration has been pressing for more access to social media and other tools that allow people to share information, but it’s been difficult to achieve much more than a small handful of sites, according to people familiar with the matter.

The administration is pushing hard for companies to provide users with more tools that would allow them to report the government’s actions.

Last week, for example, the Trump Justice Department announced it was suing Twitter, Facebook and Google to block users from reporting on a new rule requiring people to use government-approved social media accounts when using the social network.

And on Friday, the White House announced it is suing several major tech companies for the next six months for allegedly violating the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a law that has been used to prosecute users who illegally copied movies, music and other works and posted them online.