How to buy an expensive home in Melbourne’s Hillwood Estate

If you’re in the market for a home, the Hillwood is a good choice for you.

The property is a stunning two-bedroom house on a small parcel of land, surrounded by manicured lawns, and boasts a spectacular view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The price tag?

A cool $1.35 million, and you’ll have to wait until September 30 to move in. 

The Hillwood is located on the edge of the CBD, just 10 minutes from the CBD and CBD area.

If you fancy a quieter residential setting, then there are plenty of nearby suburbs and schools to choose from. 

As a homebuyer, you’ll need to get a mortgage that includes a 20 per cent down payment.

You can apply for a mortgage with a lower down payment, but it’s much cheaper to pay with a mortgage.

You’ll also need to have a minimum down payment of 20 per to 30 per cent of the house price, which means you’ll be paying a higher mortgage interest rate than your average homeowner. 

You can save up to 30 to 40 per cent on your mortgage, and there are some good deals on mortgages online.

You could save up a lot on your deposit by applying online, and then making a deposit for the house through a bank or savings account. 

There’s a good chance you’ll receive a phone call from the seller after your deposit is paid. 

Find out more if you want to buy a house in Melbourne. 

Real estate developer Hillwood Homes is offering a real estate appraisal to buy you a house for less than $1 million. 

In a perfect world, you would be looking at a house that’s a bit bigger than your current property, but if you live in Melbourne, the Hillwood is the perfect place to buy. 

A homebuyers guide to Melbourne Real EstateReal estate is booming in Melbourne with many properties that can sell for up to $1m, so you may want to look at properties that you already own. 

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