What is a real estate agent?

An Axios analysis of nearly 4,500 agents found that the average agent was over 40 years old, with the median age being 45 years old.

Only a third of the agents were married, and the median income was $65,000.

The median house size was about 2,000 square feet, compared with a median of 4,000 for the average owner.

The average mortgage was $600,000, compared to $1.5 million for the typical homeowner.

The vast majority of agents had a degree or a master’s degree, with just a few earning a doctorate.

Only 11% had a bachelor’s degree or more.

The study also found that home buyers were more likely to be white than renters, and more likely than homeowners to be from the same race.

The typical homeowner was 62% white, while the typical renter was 46% white and the average home owner was 49% white.

The average home price in the study was $315,000 — higher than the national median of $200,000 but well below the national average of $2.2 million.