California real estate: A real estate market that will take off for some

California realtors are warning that a real estate industry that is set to hit the market this summer is likely to take off quickly for the first time in years.

California realtor and real estate analyst Tim Cramer, who helped to launch the popular website Real Estate Investor, says that the real estate “real estate bubble” is in danger of bursting this summer, and that it is going to cause a lot of “pain, and a lot to lose.”

Cramer says that real estate is in an extremely vulnerable position.

The market is expected to tank this summer due to a massive influx of new buyers, and as a result, the demand for homes will be extremely high.

But Cramer says this bubble is not being caused by the supply and demand of homes in the market, and instead, it is due to an unprecedented shortage of homes.

Cramer said that many new buyers will be lured to the market by the perceived promise of homeownership, but in reality, it will be a very different story.

“The housing market is so inflated right now,” he said.

“So many new people are coming in to the marketplace who have no clue how to get into the market.

They will be buying homes in their homes.

And they will be using the houses as collateral.”

Cernovich is a long-time advocate for the realtorship industry, and is widely credited with sparking the “Trump bubble.”

He says that this bubble, like the housing market in general, is a “political bubble” created by the establishment and their lobbyists in Washington.

When asked what would happen to the realty market if the government shut down, Cernovich said that he doesn’t think the government will have a problem with the current market.

He also noted that a lack of home listings could also cause the market to tank.

“It’s going to be the case that people will not be buying their homes because they are not going to have listings,” Cernich said.

Many people are expecting a lot more housing to be built in the coming years, and Cernost said that there is a great opportunity for the industry to become even more popular in the years ahead.

‘We’ve been waiting to hear back’ from Hondo developer after real estate deal

Hondo is a real estate developer who has been developing homes in the San Francisco Bay Area.

And he is the owner of the company that will be buying the property for $1.9 billion.

According to the LA Times, Hondo had the option of selling it to a developer before he sold it to an investment group led by Peter Thiel, a Silicon Valley investor who was involved in the Trump campaign.

But he decided to keep the property.

“It’s the property that’s at the core of my success,” Hondo told the LA Daily News in an interview last week.

“If I were to sell it, I would go to the bottom line.”

According to The New York Times, the developer will be paid $1 billion and have “significant access to private equity, private-equity funds and other capital.”

He also reportedly plans to open an office in the United Kingdom and build a $3.2 billion luxury hotel on the site.

The company has yet to comment on its plans.

Hondo’s decision to keep some of the property will be a major setback for the developers behind the project, which has been in the works for years.

The developers have previously said they plan to develop the property in phases.

In February, the LA Weekly reported that the developers were working on a $500 million plan for the land.

“We’ve never been able to figure out the best use of it,” Hinton told the Weekly, according to the newspaper.

“The only thing we know is that it’s the center of our business.”

The Los Angeles Times reports that the land will likely be used for a shopping center, hotel, office, apartments and residential development.

The newspaper also reported that “several developers are seeking to buy the property.”