Which home sales are the hottest in Chicago?

Chicago is the real estate capital of the U.S. and has the second-highest percentage of homes sold for more than $1 million, according to real estate research firm CBRE.

But a look at the other 50 metropolitan areas found that Chicago has some of the hottest homes for sale in the country.

Which is the hottest real estate market in the United States?


Chicago, IL 2.

Austin, TX 3.

Houston, TX 4.

Philadelphia, PA 5.

San Diego, CA 6.

Phoenix, AZ 7.

Jacksonville, FL 8.

Denver, CO 9.

Orlando, FL 10.

Houston-Baytown-Eastland, TX 11.

Los Angeles, CA 12.

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX 13.

Detroit, MI 14.

Atlanta-Sandy Springs, GA 15.

Detroit-Southeast, MI 16.

Nashville, TN 17.

St. Louis, MO 18.

Milwaukee, WI 19.

Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN 20.

Washington, DC Source: CBRE Real Estate Index

NYC home prices fall in the aftermath of the San Bernardino mass shooting

Real estate sales in New York City fell by 5.6% in January, the second straight month of declines, according to a report by brokerage CoreLogic.

New York’s real estate market is experiencing its largest drop in more than a decade, according the report, and it’s not only a sign of the ongoing economic slowdown.

“Sales of single-family homes fell by 7.3% in the month of January compared to the same month last year,” CoreLogics reported.

“This was the lowest December monthly drop in the CoreLogical CoreLogix database of residential real estate sales, a trend that has continued throughout 2017,” the brokerage said.

“The median price of new homes in New Yorks metro area fell by 3.6%.

The median price for homes under $300,000 fell by 9.6%, according to CoreLoges data.”

The median house price in New Orleans was $5.5 million, down from $6.5-6.8 million in December, CoreLogis said.

The median home price in Boston, New York, and Philadelphia was all down in the same amount, by 6.6-7% respectively.

Real estate prices in Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco are all still above $1 million.

The CoreLogica report said that a majority of new listings on the market were under $100,000.

The New York market is now one of the most expensive in the nation, with prices for single- and duplex homes up 13.5% and 10.4% respectively in January.

Sales of single and duplles rose by 17.2% and 17.1% in December and January.