Manchester United owner wants to buy Manchester City and Real Madrid, but will he have to pay?

Manchester United and Real Sociedad are interested in purchasing Manchester City, but the Spanish champions have already shown interest in taking the club back to the top flight. 

Real Sociedada are also interested in taking City back to Europe’s top-flight, but that’s not something that is imminent. 

If Manchester United do indeed decide to sell, the two Spanish clubs will be able to buy City and Sociedado from United for around £40 million, but Manchester City will need to pay a huge price for that. 

In terms of the financial terms, the Premier League clubs would need to be worth £120 million and Real would need £90 million to complete the deal. 

However, Manchester City have already said they will not pay that much, and will likely demand more. 

The Premier League has stated they will be looking to recoup £60 million of their £70 million in debt in the event City sell, but it remains to be seen if that will happen. 

Manchester United have already been linked to a number of top European clubs, but with their finances already in good shape, it is hard to see the two clubs agreeing to a deal that would be worth over £100 million. 

For Manchester City though, it would be a dream come true to be able make a move for the Spanish giants. 

As the Manchester Evening News points out, Manchester United are already planning a massive new stadium, with Manchester City likely to be the first team to move there, as it is the second largest football stadium in Europe after the Nou Camp. 

This new stadium would be expected to cost a staggering £70 billion to build, with a similar stadium being built in Spain’s third city of Bilbao. 

United’s new stadium is expected to be completed in 2021, and with Manchester United’s finances already strong, it’s hard to believe that the club would only be interested in the city if they were to be forced to sell their home. 

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