Which real estate company is selling the most?

The top real estate market in the world is the U.S., with the average home valued at $1.3 million, according to data from RealtyTrac.

The top markets are China, Japan, Singapore and the United Kingdom, according the data.

In 2017, real estate sales rose 5.6% and average home prices increased 6.9%.

Sales in New York and Los Angeles climbed 6.1% and 7.6%, respectively.

In 2018, the U,S.

will see a record number of home sales, according Realtytrac.

This year, there were 4.5 million homes sold, according The Real Estate Board of Greater Los Angeles.

Realtybrokers is projecting that sales will rise to 5.9 million homes in 2019.

The average home price in 2019 will be $1,566,500, according data from the Real Estate Investor’s Club.

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